5 Grooming Tips for Healthier Skin

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5 Grooming Tips for Healthier Skin

Is it possible for the modern man to have it all? A fulfilling career, loving family, good friends, and a few hobbies (excluding washing the car and painting the kitchen – they come as standard and should not be elevated to “hobby” status). Plus, a bit of time left over for a game of pool and a beer? On top of this, modern man is expected to look good too – brushing teeth and changing socks just won’t do. From the hair on your head to your toenails, grooming should be high up there on the to-do list, so put down that paintbrush and turn your attention to one of the most important assets you have – your skin.

It’s a common misconception that only recently men have started taking an interest in their skin. In fact, men have been on a quest for good skin for many years. The Romans loved their baths and were known to wallow in waters permeated with fragrant oils, and when they weren’t drinking wine or riding chariots, they were often indulging in skin-revitalizing massages. The Egyptians were also interested in looking good and liked to enhance their brows and eyes with kohl (a dark colored powder). Sometimes the building of a pyramid just has to wait!

5 Grooming Tips To Follow Daily

If ancient civilizations had time for grooming in between constructing iconic buildings and going on crusades, then we’re sure you can find time in your busy schedule. If you’re not doing it all already, now’s the time to start taking care of yourself – follow our 5 grooming tips for healthier skin and reap the benefits.


Check Out Your Skin

Staring at yourself in the mirror is fine when you’re fixing your hair or trying to extract a bit of spinach from your teeth, but really looking at yourself can be daunting. We are not suggesting pulling a magnifying glass out and making a list of all your best and worst bits, but the key to great skin is identifying issues and (most importantly) doing something about them. So, next time you’re brushing your teeth, take a look at yourself.


Target Skin Problems

Skin feeling irritated? Got an itchy rash after shaving? You could be suffering from dry skin (it’s a common problem). Oily skin can be just as annoying and can leave you looking shinier than the brand-new pair of shoes on your feet. Spots and acne can also be a problem; breakouts seem to come along at the least convenient times – isn’t it typical when a brute of a pimple pops up on the end of your nose just prior to that crucial meeting?

The best way to tackle problems is to use a formula that has been designed to target your particular skin concern. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to put up with redness or irritation; just go for a formula that has been created for sensitive skin. You wouldn’t use paint stripper to clean mud from your car – match your skin care products to your skin.


Keep Your Skin Routine Simple

Short of time? Or just don’t think you have enough of it to go through the hullabaloo of a full-on skin-care routine every morning and evening? Looking after your skin shouldn’t be a chore, so keep it simple. You don’t need more than a couple of products to kick-start your routine.

Try to keep the whole procedure short and sweet; who wants to spend fifteen minutes cleansing, wiping, and rubbing, when you can spend around three minutes on your face and then get down to the kitchen for your morning coffee, bagel and a paper? Two-in-one products offer a good deal; they save you time (and money). A face wash that doubles up as a shaving cream? The perfect way to get your face cleansed then give yourself a smooth shave afterwards.


A Consistent Skincare Regimen

The best way to eliminate problems and keep your skin looking good? A consistent skincare routine. Hence our plea to “keep it simple.” You’re more likely to follow a two-step routine than navigate your way through a complex regimen and a shed load of lotions and potions in your bathroom cabinet. You need an effective skincare routine that incorporates good quality, safe and natural ingredients. Soap-on-a-rope just won’t cut it anymore; those in the know deep cleanse pores with a specially formulated face wash.

You’ve got a nice clean face, now you want it to feel as smooth as a baby’s butt (although a bit of stubble can add a touch of machismo to your look if you fancy a change). Follow your face wash with a good moisturizer; this will help to sooth and hydrate your skin, giving you a fresh appearance.


Be Proactive About Your Skin

The environment, the way you live your life, and how well you look after you skin all have a part to play on how healthy your skin looks and feels. You can protect against further damage and reduce the signs of growing old by using specially formulated anti-aging skincare products.

Harmful rays from the sun can cause damage to your skin, but the thought of not enjoying a laze in the sun is too much to bear. Use a moisturizer that incorporates SPF protection (SPF 30 or above is best) and enjoy the great outdoors.


Conclusion About Men's Grooming

MODRN MAN are dedicated to making men look their best, promoting healthy lives, and increasing their confidence.  A MODRN MAN values how he looks but isn’t vain; he is seeking men's skincare products that cater to the unique needs of his skin but don’t cost the earth.


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