A Simple AM and PM Skincare Routine for Men

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A Simple AM and PM Skincare Routine for Men

It’s strange that some men feel investing in a skincare regimen is... dare we say... a little feminine. There’s nothing vain or “girly” about taking good care of yourself. Why shouldn’t your face receive as much attention as your biceps or abs? Working out isn’t considered conceited, neither is getting your hair cut or styling it before you leave the house.

It’s acceptable to go on a shopping trip and seek out the latest sneakers, and while you’re at it you treat yourself to a new pair of jeans and a shirt. Yet some men still feel less able to admit to following a skincare routine – which is crazy!

New outfit, styled hair, and toned abs are great, but your face is often the first thing people notice – don’t neglect yours. It’s never too early, or too late to start taking better care of the skin with a good AM and PM skincare routine for men.

What Is Your Skin Type?

Decided to take the plunge and formulate a skincare routine that will do wonders for your skin? Good for you! The first step is to work out your skin type.  We've outline the most common type for men below :


Oily Skin

Oily skin gets quite shiny (you may notice greasy patches too). Your pores get clogged easily and you are probably prone to acne and spots / blemishes.

Sensitive or Dry Skin

Sensitive or dry skin can feel a bit taut and uncomfortable. You might experience a rash after shaving and suffer from irritated skin.

Aging Skin

Age sneakily creeps up, and as much as we would love to beat it with a big stick and send it on its way, it manages to find us all. Aging skin shows signs of wear –  wrinkles and age-spots. Let’s face it skin has a lot to deal with, pollution, sunshine, stress, good living (and not so good) can all have an impact, hence the need to take care of yours.

Combination Skin

A little dryness on the cheeks and an oily forehead and nose? Then you have combination skin that shows the signs of multiple types


Nothing too much to report! You don’t suffer from acne or notice any shine/oily patches, nor do you experience irritation or tightness of your skin.  While your skin is normal, we still recommend following a good skincare routine.

From Skin Type to Skin Care

Now that you've got your skin type identified, let's put down the bar soap and start looking for products that will give you great looking skin. It’s not one-size-fits all, you need to match the right men's skin care products to your skin type. Whatever type you have, be it aging skin, oily or sensitive, there’s a product to match, so there’s no excuse not to start caring more for your best asset.

Even if your skin is “normal” and you’re looking good (lucky you), it doesn’t mean you should skimp on the skincare. Your skin might not stay that way forever, you can develop skin problems at any point in your life – just because you have never suffered from acne it doesn’t mean you won’t ever be affected by spots or blemishes.

Redness and wrinkles can also creep up when you least expect them. Prevention is better than a cure, so protect you face and enjoy the bonus of fresh-looking skin.


Cleanse Your Face Morning and Night

Cleansing twice a day is the best way to keep your skin fresh. Use a face wash (look for one with natural ingredients), and make sure it targets your particular skincare issues e.g. if you have spots and a shiny face, then you need to choose a face wash for oily skin.

Cleansing in the morning will wake up your face and remove any dirt from the skin. Cleanse again at night before you go to bed, to wash away any germs – you don’t want grime resting on your skin all night long; that’s a sure-fire way of inviting spots to make an appearance.


Moisturize and Protect Daily

Moisturizer should be used after cleansing morning and evening; it will help to hydrate your skin and keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Moisturized skin retains its elasticity and firmness better; this means you can hold onto your youthful appearance a little longer.

The best men's skin moisturizer contains SPF of at least 15 to fight off damage from the sun (rays from the sun may make you want to go and chill on the beach, but they can age and damage your skin).


Keep It Up Your Skin Care Routine

There’s no need to spend your beer money on fancy lotions and potions; a couple of decent products are all you need to keep your skin in tip-top condition. Cleanse morning and night and follow up with a moisturizer (with added SPF), but don’t be sporadic, or you won’t see any results. Make your routine a ritual. Keeping things simple will help you to stick with it; you can even incorporate your daily shave into your regimen. Use a face wash that doubles up as a shaving gel to save time (and money).

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