Finding The Best Face Wash For Men With Oily Skin

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Finding The Best Face Wash For Men With Oily Skin

You should not have to stress about finding a face wash, if only because it could cause yet another breakout. 

If you wander through the skin care aisle at any drugstore, the choices for the men's face wash, face scrub, or facial cleanser may seem endless, and yet too many men are still searching for a product that works for them. Whether aimed at men or women, too many skin care products are intentionally vague, focusing on clever taglines and recognizable logos over the actual ingredients and impact on your skin. 

The search for quality and effectiveness ends today. There might be a huge selection available, but no product is catered to meet the needs of men with oily skin quite like Modrn Man’s two-step acne treatment routine. This simple facial cleanser formula is designed to reduce clogged pores, remove dead skin cells, and provide a light, natural shield for your sensitive skin, no matter how oily it might be. 

The all-natural, hydrating men's face washis available on its own or in a two-piece kit with a moisturizing sunscreen. Regardless of how you buy your Modrn Man face scrub, what is certain is that it will not be a purchase you will regret any time soon. 


From blemishes to razor bumps 

You hoped that, like your sense of style in high school, your oily skin would fade away by the time that puberty ended. Unfortunately, as many men around the world can testify to, you were lied to: oily skin and acne are not issues that are exclusive to teenagers. It can and will affect men of any age. 

If oily skin has been an issue you have been facing for a while, then Modrn Man’s acne treatment face scrub is the best all-in-one solution to address your skin care needs. 

The face scrub offers a deep, exfoliating cleansewith the help of salicylic acid, a natural cleansing ingredient. In fact, every ingredient in our scrub, from Canadian willowherb to sage leaf extract, is all-natural and 100% free from synthetic chemicals or nasty additives. 

Our face scrub offers an easy, hassle-free application that can easily fit into even the most rushed morning skincare routines. You simply wet your skin with warm water, pour a small amount onto your hand (our suggestion is a half dollar size) and massage into your face and neck, avoiding your eyes. Once you are done, you can rinse well and pat your skin dry. 

The Modrn Man acne treatment facial wash also saves time and effort by doubling as a lightweight, hydrating shaving cream. Although some shaving creams can actually contribute to your oily skin problem by causing irritation and adding to the sebum build-up in your pores, our product will exfoliate as you shave. This way, whether you have a combination skin type with dry skin patches and dead skin cells or very oily skin, you can get a clean, close shave without putting your skin at risk for another breakout of pimples or acne. 



Whether you struggle with serious and chronic acne, the occasional blemish or just generally oily skin, our face scrub has something to offer. By reducing irritation, we promote the fast-acting healing of your blemishes and through our product’s exfoliating properties, you can keep the oil build-up of your skin well-balanced. 

Not only that, but our product actually serves to reduce the irritation of razor bumps as well. Even with the best shaving cream, razor bumps happen, whether because of a rush in your morning routine or forgetting to rinse your razor after every pass. With our face scrub, you can address and eliminate all of the irritants that your skin might face, from unsightly blemishes to uncomfortable bumps. 


Powerful prevention

Treating blemishes and larger breakouts is important, but it is equally important to keep your oil build-up under control on a day-to-day basis. 

Even with anti-inflammation treatment, you may still struggle with oil clogging your pores. This will only lead to more breakouts, as well as the appearance of oily or greasy skin. 

The Modrn Man face scrub was designed with both treatment and prevention in mind. As an effective exfoliant, it will break down the oil clogging your pores, leaving your skin clean and clear. 

For the best possible outcome, our face scrub should be paired with our moisturizer. While an effective tool to fight oily skin, exfoliants can leave your skin dry, which could make it harder in the long-run to scrub your pores of oil build-up. By moisturizing daily, you can keep your skin well-hydrated, as well as help prevent razor bumps and irritation while shaving. It also doubles as a 30 SPF sunscreen, leaving your skin well-protected from dangerous sun protection.


Great principles, better skin 

Sometimes, the struggle of having oily skin feels incredibly unfair. What feels even less fair is the fact that so many of the products that are available and affordable were created using ethically questionable techniques. 

With Modrn Man, you can rest assured knowing that the best face wash will never come at the expense of harming animals. While animal testing is still widely used by a number of major cosmetics and skin care companies, Modrn Man does not and will never use this practice to develop new products. Instead, we carefully test our products in cruelty-free facilities. 

We also partner with manufacturers who value sustainability just as much as we do, ensuring that our products are being produced with the lowest environmental impact possible. 

Additionally, our commitment to helping men goes beyond providing exceptional skin care products at affordable prices. We donate ten percent of our profits to a number of men’s health initiatives so that you can help yourself and your skin while also giving back to your community. That’s right—simply by getting a great shave, you can do your part to make the world a little bit better. 

If you have been waiting too long for an affordable, straightforward face scrub that works in all the ways that you need, then we have you covered. You can find out more about our acne treatment and take a look at our full catalog of skin care products here. 

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