Building a Beard Care Kit for Your Man

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Building a Beard Care Kit for Your Man

A well-groomed beard looks clean and sharp, skyrocketing a man’s confidence and self-esteem. Keeping facial hair to a personal set of standards requires a grooming kit. A well-rounded beard care kit for your man is the perfect gift for a holiday, birthday, or just because. What products and tools should you include?

Hair Care Products

Any beard connoisseur knows a great beard only happens with an established routine. A well-managed and good looking beard routine uses a variety of products made specifically for facial hair. A beard care kit should include:

Beard Wash

A beard wash (shampoo) is different than regular shampoo. While shampoo works to strip out oil, a beard wash will clean the beard while keeping most of the natural oils intact. Using a regular shampoo on beards will leave the skin underneath dry as well as leaving the beard hair coarse, brittle, and dry.

A beard wash helps reduce flaky skin and any itchiness. It also makes the hair more manageable. Not every man needs a beard wash- it’s recommended for men whose beards are longer than half an inch.

Beard Balm

Also known as utility balm, beard balm is a pomade-type product for men with dry, thick beards. It can also be used on the skin for miniaturization. Essentially, beard balm is a leave-in conditioner for beards. Due to the thicker viscosity of the balm, it will absorb slowly, allowing men to comb through fly away and acting as a low-hold gel for styling. This is recommended for men with a medium to large sized beard.

Beard Oil

If your man has or wants a great beard, then having beard oil is a must. Beard oil is used to mimic sebum and other naturally occurring oils that the skin produces. The mixture of carrier and essential oils nourish the skin beneath the beard and also keeps the beard shiny, smooth, and soft. If flyaway hairs or dandruff are an issue, beard oil is the product to fix it.

Mustache Wax

Men with a mustache that wish to maintain it should have a great mustache wax in their grooming kit. Mustache wax is a pomade that’s used to hold mustache hairs in place. This is an important product for men who style their mustaches in less conventional ways such as the handlebar mustache or horseshoe mustache. It’s also great at keeping hairs from dipping down onto the mouth.

Grooming Tools

Grooming Tools

Grooming skills don’t mean much when the tools being used aren’t that great. While many men can do a decent job grooming their facial hair with razors and regular scissors, a man who is passionate about his grooming routine knows that specific tools work best. Some great products to include in a beard care kit for your man include:

Beard Trimmer

A good beard trimmer helps a man to flawlessly achieve the look he is striving for. A trimmer is the best way to get straight lines along the edges of the beard and to clean up the neck. An electric, lithium-ion battery trimmer will last for years and allow your man to easily upkeep a long beard.

Mustache and Beard Scissors

While regular hair scissors can do a good job at trimming beard and mustache hairs, they don’t perform as well as scissors specifically designed for facial hair. Beard scissors are designed to grip the hair to keep the hairs from moving away from the shears like they do with regular ones. This gives more control over the trimming process and reduces the possibility of making an area uneven.

Beard Comb/Brush

Combing and brushing facial hair not only removes unwanted particles and entangles the hair, but it also helps keep the beard healthy. Combs work to entangle the beard to make it look more even. A beard brush works to stimulate the sebaceous glands underneath to stimulate sebum oil production that will keep the beard smooth. Too much brushing will cause an overproduction of sebum oil, so it’s important to find the right balance.

Ingredients to Look For

Knowing what to include in a beard care kit doesn’t just involve the product itself, but what ingredients it’s made of as well. Some ingredients can make a product too hard to work with or causes an overproduction of oils. Ingredients to look for in beard care products include:


Beeswax is one of the most important ingredients in beard care. Beard balms, waxes, and pomades are commonly made out of beeswax and for a good reason. Beeswax is an excellent holding agent for products and also locks in moisture. Beeswax is a sealant and will guard against debris from everyday life such as dirt. It also makes it easier to style the beard and provides anti-itch properties.

Natural Oils

Oils such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, pumpkin seed oil, organ oil, sweet almond oil, and others provide the most benefits for the skin and hair. A product with an ingredient list that is filled with natural ingredients and few to no chemicals is a product worth trying. Natural oils are filled with vitamins to support growth for thicker, healthier hair by stimulating the hair follicles.

Natural Butter

Shea butter, cocoa butter, and avocado butter are seen in beard balms and waxes. They work as holding agents like beeswax and will make it easier to style a beard. They nourish the hair to lock in moisture to keep the course hair healthy and shiny. Additionally, butters also help keep fly away tame.

Do You Know What to Get For Beard Care?

Beard care is just as important taking care of the hair on top of the head as it can contribute to an overproduction of oils and lead to dandruff. Over the past several years, the market for beard products has risen. There’s a large variety of beard care products available from homemade items to brand name items.

Make sure to read all the ingredient labels to ensure your man is getting the best ingredients to help his beard improve and look better than the next guy’s.

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