Easy To Follow Steps To Help Fix Oily, Shiny Skin

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Easy To Follow Steps To Help Fix Oily, Shiny Skin

It’s rumored the first thing we notice about someone we meet is their eyes and their smile. That means the person looking at you is staring right at your face, so if you’re not happy in your skin, then it’s time to act.

Oily skin can be a real problem; if you suffer from it, you will be used to having dull skin that omits a shine capable of rivaling a ray of sun bouncing off a mirror (well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration), but oily skin is very shiny. It’s also prone to open pores, spots, blemishes and unsightly blackheads. Sound familiar?

Why Is My Skin Oily?

If you are suffering from oily skin, it means your sebaceous glands are working unrequired overtime and therefore producing more oil than is actually required. There’s only one way for this oil to go and that’s out through your skin, hence the opened, large pores and shiny appearance of your skin.

There are many causes; you might have inherited oily skin (did your dad suffer from it when he was your age?), or it could have been brought on by hormone levels. Teenagers tend to be prone to oily skin as their hormones go haywire (hormones have a lot to answer for – sulky teenagers with oily skin are a force to be reckoned with). However, oily skin can strike at any time, and has been attributed to diet and even muggy weather.

If you have oily patches of skin and dry patches too, then you have what we commonly call, combination skin.

How Can I Sort Out My Oily Skin?

As you get older you produce less sebum, so you might find your oily skin starts to improve over time. But, if that’s not the case then there is a bit of good news for you – people with oily skin tend to age much slower than those who don’t suffer from this “affliction.” However, you are probably still keen to reduce the shine and get your greasy skin under control once and for all.

What’s the Best Cleanser for Men with Oily Skin?

If your skin is oily you will need to cleanse it really well; clogged pores can be a real problem and invite blemishes to come and party on your face. Although you need to keep your skin clean don’t go over the top, washing a couple of times per day is enough – over-cleansing greasy skin can cause it to generate even more oil!

Don’t choose a cleanser that’s too harsh – if you remove all the oil from your skin it will go the other way and you could end up with overly dry skin. How do you think your skin will respond to that? That’s right, your sebum glands won’t be happy and will just pump out more oil to make up the shortfall!

Your cleanser should leave your skin feeling refreshed; it shouldn’t cause your skin to feel overly tight. If it does, you might get more blemishes as the oil can’t escape your taut skin.

Opt for an oil-based cleanser that doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates or alcohol; oil-based cleaners do a great job of effectively reducing sebum and remember alcohol is only good for a fun night out (it should never appear on the ingredients list of effective skin products)! Go for a cleanser that doesn’t contain artificial additives; instead choose one that contains natural, safe ingredients.

How Should I Cleanse My Skin?

Make sure you use a skincare product that has been specially formulated for oily skin. Pump your cleanser onto fingertips and massage it onto your face (in an upwards and outwards motion). Then wash the cleanser off with hot water rather than cold (it is better at reducing the oiliness).

Life is busy enough, and you don’t want to spend ages cleansing your face. Multi-tasking products (such as a combined face wash and shaving foam), work harder and offer good value for your money; they also save you valuable time. If you have oily skin and suffer from blemishes, shaving can be as tricky as keeping your face clean. Face wash and shaving foam that are formulated for problem skin could be the answer; a product that has a low pH level will help to keep oil under control. Using a combined product can also help stave off irritation and spots.

Do I Need to Moisturize?

You’ve cleansed, you have shaved and now it’s time for the next step – making your face feel smooth and soothed – it’s time to moisturize. Don’t worry this won’t add an hour to your skincare regime – you can moisturize and be on your way in a mere minute.

When you’re choosing a men's face moisturizer it’s best to go for an oil-free one; this will help to banish the annoying shine and will also serve to keep your skin soft. A good moisturizer will work hard to keep oil under control and should also contain SPF protection (SPF 30 is ideal) – which is the ideal way to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Check out the ingredients – natural is best so look for things like coconut oil (helps skin stay hydrated) and oat extracts (perfect to keep skin nourished).

Introducing the new MODRN MAN

A MODRN MAN values his appearance but isn’t vain; he likes efficiency and hates non-value-added extras. A MODRN MAN loves the idea of following a simple, straightforward skincare routine that leaves him looking great.

A routine that doesn’t take up half of the morning and allows plenty of time for the vital things in life (like watching the baseball or eating a bag of chips). A MODRN MAN with oily skin is seeking skincare products that cater to the unique needs of his skin, products that can reduce shine and control outbreaks.

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