Face Exercise for Men (Yes, It’s a Thing!)

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Face Exercise for Men (Yes, It’s a Thing!)

Men.Some of us are passionate gym attendees and some of us are passionate gym planners. The difference being the planners don’t usually make it to the gym. But that’s not to say that we can’t all partake in a few facial exercises every now and then. This isn’t something that’s just been made up for those of you that are a bit skeptical. No, no!This is a real thing and it’s used to tighten skin and reduce those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles. So, without further ado, here are some specially designed facial exercises for men.

The Cheek Squisher

Step 1-

With a relaxed face, close your mouth and fill your upper lip with air. As much air as you can.

Step 2-

Push all of the air from the upper lip over to the right cheek keeping it at the top of the check. Your upper lip and left cheek should be flat against your teeth at this point.

Step 3-

Pass the air from your right cheek through your upper lip and into your upper left cheek. Again, keeping your upper lip and right cheek flat against your teeth.

Repeat this exercise four times then take a deep breath and continue another four times. If you really want to work those facial muscles hard, then try doing the cheek squisher slowly. This is one of the best face exercises for cheeks and laughter lines. Completing the cheek squisher regularly will slim those cheeks, smooth those laughter lines, and start defining that jawline.

Fishy Face

Step 1-

Push your lips together hard without tucking them in. Then, pull back your lips into a weird smile that looks like you’ve just eaten something really sour. Try and keep the rest of your face natural and hold for five seconds.

Step 2-

Bring your lips forward and suck your cheeks in making the funny fish face. Again, hold it for 5 seconds.

The fishy face exercise should be repeated six to eight times and as often as you like. This men’s face exercise works facial muscles that are hardly used. It tones the chin and it smooths and reduces laughter lines.

The Eye Stretcher

Step 1-

This one uses your hands as well as your face as it is a bit of a facial resistance training. First, you need to close your eyes (once you’ve read the instructions, of course). Then, using your fingers, pull the outer corners of the eye toward your ears.

Step 2-

Use the muscles around the eyes to try and bring them back to the center. Squeeze them tight and put up some resistance.

Repeat the eye stretcher at least ten times to really work those muscles. For those of you who get a bit carried away and end up pressing too hard on your face, use more than one finger. Face exercises aren’t meant to give you bruises. The eye stretcher face exercise is fantastic for crow’s feet.


Sharp Jaws

Step 1-

Keep your face relaxed and with your mouth closed, pull the corners of your lips down to make an upside-down smile. Your neck muscles should be straining a little.

Step 2-

Maintaining the position, slowly lift your chin towards the ceiling—or sky if you’re outside. Once raised, your neck muscles should be even more strained. Hold it for five seconds, then bring your chin down and relax your mouth.

To get the most out of this exercise, try doing it five times slowly, then ten times quickly. This face exercise definitely lets your face feel the burn but, in doing it regularly, your chiseled jaw will be with you in no time.

The Brow Lifter

Step 1-

Place both of your hands over your eyes, with your palms covering your nose and lips, just like when you play peek-a-boo. Then, open your hands keeping your fingers above your eyebrows and the side of your hands cupping the face.

Step 2-

Using your fingers stretch the skin above your eyebrows toward your ears. Next, raise your eyebrows 20 times and then take a small break. Repeat as many times as you like.

The brow lifter face exercise works the muscles in your forehead which can reduce wrinkles and frown lines. This is another facial resistance exercise so remember not the dig your fingers in too hard. Admittedly, this exercise will result in many facial twitches and will look pretty funny if you're doing it out in public.

It does sound like a joke, doesn’t it? Pull these funny faces and you can get a more defined jaw and eliminate those wrinkles. But, all jokes aside, face exercises for men really do work. Like any kind of exercise, it needs to be consistent in order to work. Doing ten of the brow lifter face exercise isn’t going to immediately give you a wrinkle-free forehead, but doing the exercise regularly, will definitely help to tone it up and reduce the wrinkles.

How Does It Actually Work?

Many people assume that by doing face exercises like the ones mentioned above it, will make the wrinkles and sagging worse because the skin is being stretched. What actually happens is that these exercises contract and releases the facial muscles which tone them up—just like how exercise works for your abs and the rest of your body.

Now that we’ve established how face exercises work, you should think about when you're going to fit them in. Taking into account that, for people who don’t know what you are up to, you are going to look pretty weird. One of the best times to do them would be when you're chilling out and watching the TV at home. Maybe even during the commercials. For the really brave ones, you could give a few face exercises a try when you are bored in the office. Whenever you decide to do them, don’t forget to use some anti-wrinkle cream afterward and you’re good to go!

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