Facial Hair Removal for Men (That Won’t Leave Red Bumps and Cuts!)

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Facial Hair Removal for Men (That Won’t Leave Red Bumps and Cuts!)

Women usually spend a lot of time in the mirror faffing around with a million and one different products.For men's grooming, however, it's usually a lot different. That is, of course until it comes to clean shaving. This is an art form, a talent.And when it’s done, well, it is respected among all men from all over the world—of course, women also like clean shaven men. Today, we are looking at ways to get that clean shave for men without leaving red bumps and cuts. Its facial hair removal hacks for men.

The Tool

Before we even begin to discuss how to remove facial hair to be clean shaven for work of that par you have been looking forward to without leaving red bumps and cuts, appropriate preparation is a must. Some men know the exact razor that’s best suited to them and others just grab any old shaver from the drug store. Most importantly, you should take into account how thick your facial hair is. For thick stubble or bushy beards, you definitely won’t want a one-blader. You will probably need a sturdy shaver with several blades or a cut-throat razor. Whichever one you pick, it must be sharp. I know that sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people end up hacking away at their face with blunt razors. 

The Pre-shave Treatment

There is nothing better than having a good scrub before a clean shave or a beard trim with crisp lines and scrubbing before shaving actually makes for a better shave. When you use warm water with a specialized facewash, it unclogs the pores and softens the facial hair. The warm water opens up the pores allowing a deeper clean and the wash will keep the skin smooth, making shaving much more comfortable. Because the hair and skin are softened shaving will result in a much closer shave, and the soft skin will reduce the likeliness of cuts. Keeping skin clear and dirt-free is one way to avoid red bumps, and moisturizing will help to keep the skin smooth.

Some men have found that a pre-shave oil works well for avoiding cuts. When the oil is applied, the skin gets an added layer of protection and a moisturizing coat. This enables the razor to glide over the now really smooth skin, cutting facial hair and not your skin.

Getting Down to Business

I think it’s safe to assume that everybody knows not to shave dry. Just thinking about it makes you cringe, doesn’t it? After your pre-shave ritual, it’s time to get down to business. You're clean, your skins silky smooth, and now it’s time to foam up that shaving cream. Some men find it much easier to use a shaving brush to work in the shave cream, but it mostly comes down to personal preference. The best shaving creams for men are ones that are glycerine-based. Containing glycerine means that the shaving cream will deeply moisturize the skin and will prevent stubble from drying out. The high moisturizing element is also perfect for stubborn stubble.

To prolong the life of your razor, try to keep it clean and remove any hairs from the blades (not with your fingers, of course). Drying it off in a towel will prevent rusting. And I know we’ve already covered the basics for choosing a razor, but guys let's not use rusty razors. You will never be able to avoid cuts and red bumps if you use rusted blades.

Against the Growth or with the Growth

The direction of which was you should shave has always been quite a debated topic. Some say that shaving against the way that the hair grows will give you a closer shave while others believe it to be the opposite. By shaving against the grain, it can actually alter the way in which the hair grows back. This will increase the risk of ingrown hairs and is more likely to cause razor bumps and sometimes cuts. Shaving the same way as the hair grows or shaving with the grain will reduce skin irritation and will give you a closer shave. Another thing to remember is that there is no need to press the razor into the skin with too much pressure. Sometimes, part of our concentration makes us do this naturally, but this can cause more cuts and irritation that leads to red bumps.   

Post-Shave Ritual

Now that the deed is done its time for a bit of aftercare. Obviously, the first thing you will want to do after having a shave is wash your face. We have established in the pre-shave section that washing your face with warm water will open up pores which allows them to get a thorough clean. So, similar to how opposites attract and all that, washing your face with cold water after you have shaved will close the pores keeping them tight and preventing dirt and bacteria getting into them. This not only reduces breakouts and blackheads but will also keep your skin firm.

Once you’re done closing up the pores it’s time to lotion up. The good old patting motion will do the trick here as the skin will be a bit more sensitive now that it's been shaved. Rubbing in moisturizer can irritate the skin, whereas patting moisturizer onto the skin will enable it to soak in better. Even for the tougher skin types, sensitive lotions for men are much better to use after shaving. They will likely be fragrance-free and much softer on the skin. Products containing aloe or chamomile extract are great for soothing areas and providing a strong layer of moisture.

And there you have it, the best shaving routine for men that won't give you red bumps, cuts or other skin irritation. For those who already have red bumps, or shave bumps, as some people call them, before trying this shave routine, try to avoid these areas for a while as shaving over the top of them will make the situation much worse. Placing a hot cloth over the bumpy area for several minutes will clean out any bacteria. It might make the red bumps look a bit swollen before they start to fade.

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