Grooming Tips for Men: Actionable Tips That Will Help You Look and Feel Great!

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Grooming Tips for Men: Actionable Tips That Will Help You Look and Feel Great!

Let’s face it: men's grooming and hair care can be hard work. Between perfecting your morning shave to sifting through the thousands of skincare products available on the market, there’s a clear difference between a routine that looks effortless and one that feels effortless. 

As challenging as it can be—every man has the ability to revitalize their day-to-day grooming routine and enjoy healthier skin and hair than ever before. With our list of handy tips and tricks, you will be well on your way to a better routine and an easier morning.


Start with the Right Products

Before developing a great men's skin care routine, every man first needs the best products for his skin type. The key here is to understand that no one has the exact same skin or unique needs.

Although everyone’s skin will have its own unique features to cater to, there are five primary skin types: 

  • normal
  • oily
  • sensitive
  • dry
  • combination


Your skin type might cause certain problems for you—for example, dry skin can often be itchy and at times red in appearance—but some issues such as blemishes, sun exposure and the signs of aging can appear among most men across the board. 

Once you have compared each skin type and decided which category your skin fits best with, you will almost certainly face another pesky problem: a market that is heavily over saturated.

There is absolutely no shortage of skin care products available, yet far too many of them are unreasonably priced or loaded with hard to pronounce, synthetically produced ingredients.

For an affordable, easy-to-use and ethically-sourced alternative, we sell a diverse

range of products that are effective, vegan and packed with natural ingredients. With the right tools in hand, you will be ready for our next tip:


Avoid Experimentation

Okay, so you finally found the perfect product for your skin. You have noticed healthier, more radiant skin, experienced less irritation, as well as a boost in your self-esteem. The only thing you should be doing at this point in time is celebrating, not looking to experiment with your skin.

The truth is, far too many men do not care about (or pretend not to care about) the brands and products they use for daily grooming and skin care. This can lead to men returning to the drug store every few weeks and buying the first affordable product they find on the shelves, regardless of the products they have used in the past. 

Switching up your products too often will leave your skin unable to truly adjust to your routine. In some months, you might have glowing skin due to a great product tailored to your needs, in others, your skin might be drier or oilier than you would like. 

The best way to curb this fate is to stop treating your skin like a science experiment. Once you have found a routine and product that produces the results you want, there is no need to dabble with other products, even if they all the rage among your friends. In some cases, the familiar truly is best.


Take Your Beard Care Seriously

Take Your Beard Care Seriously

Whether you prefer a tasteful shadow or have dreams of growing a thick, healthy beard, you need to take the proper care to ensure your beard is as clean, attractive and healthy as possible. 

If you are all about your beard, it is important to put together a beard care kit to cater to all of your needs. From grooming tools such as beard trimmers and scissors to all-natural solutions such as beeswax and cocoa butter, having the right care products is essential to having a great beard.


Be Sharp, Look Sharp

One of the worst parts of shaving is the annoying and irritating razor bumps. Although you can protect yourself in myriad ways, one of the tried and true solutions is to keep your razor sharp.  

A dull razor will make a clean shave challenging, leaving your face and neck vulnerable to unsightly and itchy bumps. But even more worrisome is the fact that dull razors are actually known to harbor more bacteria, potentially posing a threat to your health. If your razor does not have an option to manually switch out blades, it might be best to swap out razors all together every few weeks.


Wash Your Face — the Right Way

Of course, washing your face seems like a painfully easy task, at least on paper. However, even a well-intentioned wash can end up doing damage to your skin.  

Experts in dermatology agree that some of the most common face washing techniques are actually far from ideal for healthy skin. For example, although many people prefer either icy cold or steaming hot water for their morning skin care routine, lukewarm water minimizes the chances of damaging your skin by stripping it of essential oils and drying it out.  

For those who like to take a bit of a lazy shortcut by whipping out the face scrub during showers, chances are you should wait until you’re out unless you really like your showers at room temperatures. 

When it comes to face washing, quality will always beat quantity—especially if you struggle with oily skin or cystic acne, your first impulse may be to scrub your face throughout the day, or as often as you notice any oil build-up or blemishes. But the reality is that this tactic is far from beneficial in the long run.

Washing your face too often could dry out your skin and rarely leads to better results in terms of oil and blemishes. Doctors agree that twice every day—once at night and once in the morning—should be sufficient, especially if you use intense exfoliants or scrubs that could easily irritate your skin with regular use. If you sweat heavily during the day, you might benefit from more frequent face washing; however, products such as oil blotting sheets may also be sufficient.

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