What to Look for in Men’s Skin Care Brands

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What to Look for in Men’s Skin Care Brands

Finding the perfect men’s skin care brands, such as anti-aging cream, face wash, and face moisturizer can certainly be a challenge, although not because of any shortage in options. The chances are, your biggest problem likely has not been finding a product,but narrowing down the huge selection available to you. 

The good news is that the elimination process might be easier than you think. Although there are thousands of products available, they do not all offer the same benefits. In fact, by using low-quality or highly synthetic ingredients or including harsh chemicals that dry out your skin, some of the most expensive brands on the market may actually be doing your skin more than good.That’s why we’ve compiled some handy features that every skin care product in your cabinet should have for a revitalized morning routine:


Natural Ingredients

You might not be impressed if you were at your local grocery store and found that most of your meal options were packed with hard-to-pronounce chemicals and preservatives. Similarly, just as fresh produce will beat out frozen T.V. dinners any night of the week, it’s important that you understand the ingredients in your skin care products. 

Although some synthetic ingredients can be beneficial for your skin, plenty of the most tried and true skin care solutions are actually all natural: cocoa butter, green tea extract, tea tree oil and coconut oil lead the way for cleansing and moisturizing the skin. Next time you find yourself shopping for skin care products, remember to look beyond any fancy logos or attractive packaging, and go right for the label.


Compatibility with Your Skin

Not all skin is made the same. Every person has unique needs, although our skin tends to fit into one of five categories: normal, dry, oily, sensitive and combination. 

Simply because a product has received rave reviews from your friends or has an ingredient list packed with all-natural solutions does not mean it will automatically be compatible with your own needs. If you are unsure of which category you fit into, you can compare the typical features of each category, and if you are really struggling, you may need to consult your dermatologist to discuss the products you should invest in or steer clear from. 

Once you have discovered your skin type, however, shopping for skin care products will likely become a lot easier. Most brands do offer products that aim to different skin types, although finding solutions for sensitive skin can be a little more challenging. Simply pay attention to labels, and ensure every product you buy is clearly marked as compatible with your skin.


Moisturizing Products Can Work Wonders

Moisturizing Products Can Work WondersIf you struggle with acne, you may be tempted to invest in intense scrubs that forcefully strip your skin of oils and bacteria. Using a cleanser is definitely an important aspect of proper skin care; however, moisturizing should be a critical element of every man’s day-to-day routine.

Moisturizing offers myriad benefits, the primary being increasing the hydration in your skin.

This, in turn, can avoid flakiness, redness,and irritation and can avoid patches of dry skin that tend to show up even among those who do not have a dry skin type. If you live somewhere that faces cold, harsh winters, it is especially important to moisturize, as to keep dry skin from bringing you down. 

Moisturizer is also actually a useful tool in combating acne and oily skin. Some men try to steer clear of moisturizing products because they mistake hydrating the skin for making it oilier than it already is. However, the reality is that moisturizer can help you in ways your everyday cleanser cannot. 

Intense scrubs or common acne solutions like benzoyl peroxide can strip your skin of oils that are actually important for the health of your skin (yes, even if you have acne!). Moisturizer can help avoid any damages to your skin from these products and can loosen the build-up sebum in your pores, which in turn will make it easier for you to scrub the build-up off rather than have it turn into a break-out.

Moisturizing is also an essential tool against fighting the signs of aging. Moisturizer should be a necessary staple for every man, but if you are acne prone, check your skin care product’s labels to ensure you are buying oil-free products.


A Little Bit of Good Karma

If a product has had a positive impact on your skin, is it okay that it has had a negative impact on the planet? If your answer is a resounding no, don’t worry—there are brands out there that care about your skin and live by philanthropic, sustainable values. 

There are lots of ways major skin care brands can contribute to some pretty alarming social issues, from animal testing to over packaging to the dangerous use of micro plastics. Although recently more attention has been given to the growing issue of plastic waste in our oceans, most of this attention has focused on bemoaning the use of plastic water bottles or single-use straws. The evidence, however, demonstrates that micro plastics are to blame for most of our ocean pollution. 

Micro plastics can be found everywhere from clothing to bottled water, but have long since been a staple in cosmetics and skin care products. Tiny, synthetically produced micro beads are popular in exfoliating products but become pollutants the moment they are washed down the drain. 

Fortunately, we offer products with a better future in mind. With lots of natural ingredients and no animal testing, our vegan, eco-friendly products are ones you can indulge in without worrying about your impact on the environment. 

If you still want an extra philanthropic edge over your friends, you can rest safely knowing that 10% of our proceeds will go to men’s health charities. If giving back is just as important to you as cleaning up, then look no further than our online shop for your skin care needs.

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