Oily Faced Men: Here’s Your New Skin Care Routine

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Oily Faced Men: Here’s Your New Skin Care Routine

Nothing feels more frustrating than giving up on a skin care routine because it has not been working for you or your skin. 

Whether your skin does not respond well to a certain product or something is off in your face wash process, it can feel incredibly discouraging when a routine you were hoping would completely revitalize your skin instead leaves it in an even worse condition. 

It can be even more challenging when every day there seems to be another self-proclaimed “miracle product” on the market, demanding that you make yet another switch in the hopes of addressing your oily skin. 

Sometimes, complicating things too much can be working against you. Like with dry skin, sensitive skin or almost any other skin type, if you struggle with acne-prone skin that is oily with dead skin cells, you do not need an hour-long ritual or a dozen different face washes and other products to see an improvement. Instead, keeping things simple can be exactly the change that your skin needed. 

If you want a new routine that won’t break the bank or take so much time that you’re rushing to get to work in the morning, check out our quick and easy two-step process: 


1. Face Scrub To Clean Out Pores

Modrn Man’s acne treatment skin care routine does not start with intense exfoliants, heavy face masks, or time-consuming steam baths. In fact, our routine starts with a step you were probably already planning on doing: washing your face. 

When you buy the right face wash, you will not need to invest in a plethora of trendy products, and Modrn Man is definitely the ideal deep cleansing product for oily skin. 

Made from a variety of all-natural ingredients, including green tea extract, coconut and palm oil glycerin, and Canadian willowherb, our face scrub acts as a deep cleanser without all the irritating chemicals. The product, as with the rest of our skincare line, was made without any animal testing and has a light, pleasant citrus fragrance. 

Using it is easy like most other face washes. You simply wet your skin with warm water, pour a small amount onto your hand (our suggestion is a half dollar size) and massage into your face and neck, avoiding your eyes. Once you are done, you can rinse well and pat your skin dry.


2. Clean And Shave At The Same Time 

Although our face scrub can be easily used as a deep cleanser, you can also use it as a shaving cream. 

Unlike many popular shaving creams, which can actually contribute to the oil build-up and inflammation that causes acne breakouts and sensitive skin, our shaving cream is light, natural and will cleanse your skin will providing a fine, clean shave.



Using your face scrub as a shaving cream is easy. You simply control the foaming qualities by using water, massage into your skin and rinse your blade with every pass, to ensure that only a wet blade makes contact with your skin.

You might notice that, as you shave, the foaming quality of the facial scrub might become less visible. This is completely OK and the face scrub will reactivate when it meets your wet blade. 


3. Moisturize Your Face

Once you have washed your face, shaved and rinsed well, you can move onto the second product in our two-step acne treatment: the moisturizer. 

You will only need about a nickel-sized amount of moisturizer, which you can spread evenly across your face and neck, avoiding contact with your eyes. Once rubbed into the skin, it will not need to be rinsed off. 

Moisturizing is an essential but often overlooked aspect of preventing and treating acne. When you properly moisturize, your pores allow the sebum that has built up to loosen, ensuring that your face scrub will be able to effectively do its job. 

Not only will our moisturizer help keep your skin healthy, balanced and hydrated, but it will also act as an SPF 30 sunscreen. 

Sun exposure can lead to more than just annoying sunburns—as time goes by, it can be a major skin irritant and a primary cause of skin damage, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.  

For the best protection, you should apply our moisturizer approximately 15 minutes before sun exposure. 


Why This Skincare Routine Works So Well

So why does our two-step skin care process put major brand’s expensive ten-product lines to shame? 

First and foremost, we embrace ease and simplicity. Regardless of whether you struggle with sensitive or acne-prone skin, your skin is a delicate part of your body, and too many products can dry your skin out and leave it irritated and inflamed. With just two products offering four benefits (deep cleaning, moisturizing, shaving cream, and sun protection), your skin will not have to adjust to an endless stream of new products and ingredients. 

Our less-is-more approach also extends to our ingredient list. We offer effective cleaning without all the harsh, hard-to-pronounce stuff, like oxybenzone, parabens, and phthalates. All our products are natural and designed to reduce rather than cause irritation. 

While many brands try to upsell customers by creating certain products to treat acne, and others to prevent it, we address both problems at the same time. Our product’s salicylic acid exfoliates and deeply cleans pores, protecting your skin from future breakouts while ingredients such as Canadian willowherb addresses current inflammation and helps blemishes clear up quicker. 

Our face scrub’s anti-inflammatory properties also help treat razor bumps, making it an ideal product for all skin types. 

Although it may not have anything to do with our ingredient list, our commitment to donating ten percent of our profits to men’s health charities also helps make us the best brand available for men’s skin care, because nothing helps clear your skin quite like giving back. 


Start your new skin care routine today 

If this two-step skin care routine sounds like it offers the simplicity you have been longing for, then there’s no reason to put it off any longer. You can find out more about our acne treatment, and take a look at our full catalog of skin care products here.

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