Creating A Strategy For Your Social Media Contest

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Creating A Strategy For Your Social Media Contest

When you hear the phrase the Manliest Contest Ever, your mind defaults to men climbing Mount Everest, defying the odds, and living to tell the tale. That’s where you’d be wrong. When we launched the Manliest Contest Ever in March the idea was simple; allow men and women to submit a photo or video clip of them doing the manliest (or Womanliest) thing ever. The secret was that what qualified as manly or womanly was up to interpretation so entrants could upload whatever they deemed appropriate. Whoever received the most votes would win.

As a men’s skin care and grooming brand, we understand that men will buy our product. We also know for a fact that women will buy our product for the men in their lives. With this knowledge in our pocket, we knew it was important to include both men and women in the Manliest Contest Ever fun.

Choose An Attainable Contest Goal

When defining a goal, it’s important to be realistic with your expectations. Any product creator, brand, or bonafide entrepreneur should be optimistic in their idea. They need to believe in it for it to be successful. This optimism should never blind you of what’s actually attainable. This will lead to unrealistic expectations and could negatively impact the morale of the team.

The point of the Manliest Contest Ever was to engage with prospective customers and start to build a qualified email list that will help us launch our product. Given we had (and still do have) a few months before getting to market, this was a great marketing strategy.

We decided to set a goal of 1,000 entrants. This goal was something our team felt was attainable.

Defining A Budget For Your Contest

The budget will fluctuate based on the goal you have defined for yourself. For us, we decided to set aside a budget of $1,000 to use on paid advertising initiatives to drive awareness about the Manliest Contest Ever. This included Facebook ads, Instagram ads, working with freelancers, and a few other more targeted media buys (i.e. forums, blogs, etc.).

Picking A Prize For Your Contest

The prize or prizes you pick for your contest should directly relate to your audience. It should be something that they desire and find enticing enough to get involved. We decided to create a grand prize and offer weekly drawings for other smaller prizes.

Below is a list of the prizes we used for the Manliest Contest Ever:

  • Grand Prize: Weekend trip to Phoenix for the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four (flight, hotel, and game tickets)
  • Yeti® Roadie Cooler
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife
  • Amazon Echo
  • Corkcicle Ice Whiskey Wedge
  • Go Pro Hero Sessions

The prizes above allowed us to cast a wide net that included both men and women, with a variety of interests. Admittedly, it might have been a bit over kill and I’m not convinced the quantity and magnitude of the prizes contributed to our success.

Protect Yourself Legally

It’s naive to assume that you don’t need legal protection when running a contest like the Manliest Contest Ever. You always need to protect your business from potential lawsuits. Before launching the contest, we had the company attorney outline the terms of service that would mitigate any potential risks for our business. The last thing we wanted was a fun marketing idea to turn into a legal nightmare.

In some instances, the software you chose to run your contest will provide a very basic set of terms you can use. However, these shouldn’t be relied on and if possible, you should seek legal assistance.

What’s Next

Next week we will be following up this post with an article that discusses the execution of The Manliest Contest Ever. As a teaser, it will outline how to choose the right technology to run your contest and how to create awareness to ensure people participate.

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