The Perfect Manscaping Kit: A Mdrn Man Guide

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The Perfect Manscaping Kit: A Mdrn Man Guide

Our outward appearance is the first impression others have of us. Whether you prefer a polished look or a rugged look, maintaining it requires the right tools to ensure you look your best. ‘Manscaping’ is not a term you need to shy away from. It simply means you take the time to groom and clean yourself up.

Manscaping doesn’t necessarily make your grooming routine longer depending on what you want and need. It does, however, help you feel like a million bucks. While there are several different products on the market, there are a few that are absolute musts for the majority of men to look and feel their best.


Electric Shaver

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There are a variety of electric shavers on the market with various benefits. Some shavers cut in a rotary motion while others cut in the standard up/down motion. They take less time in the morning and can cut down how long it takes you to get ready. You also do not need to have a wet face or shave gel in order to use an electric shaver.


Shave Gel or Cream

Shaving, especially with a disposable razor, can cause razor bumps and irritation. Facial skin is sensitive and can easily become dry. Shave gel or shaving cream produce a thin barrier between the razor and the skin to help protect the skin from the harshness of the blade. They glide the razor better to reduce the risks of nicking the skin and obtaining razor burns.

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When you lather shave gel onto your beard, or wherever you are shaving, you are moisturizing the hair and the skin. When the hair is moisturized it will be easier to shave because the gel creates less friction. Also, due to the lather of the shave gel it’s easier to shave straight lines because you can see where the razor is going.


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A hair trimmer is the most basic electronic manscaping tool. A great trimmer comes with several attachments that adjust to various hair lengths. They allow men to properly clean-up a scraggly beard and it makes it just a bit shorter without actually shaving it off.

Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Stubborn nose and ear hair can sometimes be unsightly, and it can feel gross and itchy too. Plucking nose hair is an awful feeling that’s just short of torture. And unless you have super powers, you aren’t going to be able to see all your ear hairs. A nose and ear hair trimmer is the perfect way to remove those pesky, little hairs quickly and efficiently.

nose and ear hair trimmer image

Trimmers are designed for delicate and small spaces and are have recessed cutting blades for safety. You can touch the skin without fear of cutting yourself in sensitive areas. There’s no need to bother your partner to tackle your ear hairs anymore. She’ll probably thank you for it.


If you’re a man who prefers a smooth, hairless body, then wax should be a staple in your manscaping kit. Many men are starting to turn to waxing instead of shaving, although it still remains taboo. Wax is great because it can take anywhere between one to two months for the hair to grow back. This is considerably longer than the results shaving produce, as some men have to shave every single day.

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Wax can come in strips or as hard wax that you melt down. Which method to choose from is ultimately up to personal preference. Wax can be used on the face, back, arms, legs, and nether region.

Aftershave/Ingrown Hair Treatment

The purpose of aftershave is to prevent skin irritation and infections from any nicks. It’s not just to make the face smell good; it actually helps soothe the skin and add moisture too. Most aftershaves contain witch hazel or another type of astringent to help heal the skin.

ingrown hair image

Ingrown hairs can occur anywhere on the body but are most common in the pubic area. Ingrown hairs form after shaving and waxing if the hair curls underneath the skin, preventing it from growing up out of the pore. They’re typically quite painful and cause irritation.

If you find you deal with them often then a treatment specific to ingrown-hairs should be a part of your manscaping kit. They’re similar to aftershave and are made to fight bacteria, exfoliate the area, relieve irritation, and free the stuck hair.


tweezers image

We tend to have thicker and fuller eyebrows than some women, but just because they are bushy doesn’t mean they need to look untidy. Tweezers are the best way to quickly remove a stubborn hair or one that looks out-of-place. Miss just a few hairs when shaving or waxing? There’s no need to get out the razor again, just use a pair of tweezers.

Facial Cleanser

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Whether or have dry, oily, or combination skin you should be using a facial cleanser. Our facial skin is exposed to all sorts of debris throughout the day that clogs pores along with our skin’s natural oil production. Cleansers wipe away dirt and other unwanted particles to reduce and prevent acne.


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Hydrating your skin is best done with a moisturizer. It also creates a thin layer that helps protect the skin from environmental toxins that can cause skin issues. Not only does it hydrate the facial skin, but it helps with fight aging signs and brightens the skin.


sunscreen lotion on the sandy beach image

Sun damage can lead to many long-term skin issues. Continuous sun exposure without sunscreen can lead to dry, flaky skin; sunburns; deeper wrinkles; patches of rough skin; damaged collagen; discoloration; and cancer.

Things to Consider

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you prefer a shaver or trimmer that is cordless? How long do you want your routine to take? Not every manscaping kit will be identical. We all have different body types, types of hair, problem areas, and preferences.

The perfect manscaping kit will vary, but there’s absolutely no doubt that a Modrn Man should take the time to assemble their very own kit. Fortunately, all our systems include face wash, shave cream, and moisturizer.

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