Best Men's Face Cream for Anti-Aging: What You Need to Stay Fresh and Youthful

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Best Men's Face Cream for Anti-Aging: What You Need to Stay Fresh and Youthful

Societies around the world place a lot of importance on looking youthful as we age. Aging is the natural progression of life, and there’s no shame in making it another year, but it can plummet confidence levels when you start to look much older. You may notice you have crow’s feet, age spots, wrinkles, and discoloration. Aging is inevitable, but there are anti-aging creams that help treat aging symptoms to create a fresh and youthful appearance.

How Do Wrinkles Form?

Wrinkles are typically the first signs of aging and can occur at any age. They can be brought on and worsened by sun damage, genetics, smoking, environmental factors, lack of sleep, stress, diet, and skin type. If you work in the sun, then you’re more likely to develop wrinkles earlier in life and worsen any existing ones.

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Wrinkles form when there’s less elasticity from thinning and drying skin. When the skin becomes thin, it breaks down collagen, the protein responsible for keeping skin firm. As we get older, our body naturally slows down collagen production, so it’s unable to replace damaged collagen-like it can when we are younger.

Ingredients to Look for

There are a ton of anti-aging creams on the market that claim the same thing. How can you trust their claim? Look at the ingredients list! Many proven ingredients help smooth aging skin and help create brighter, fresher looking skin. The best men’s face cream for anti-aging will include:

Vitamin A, C, or E: these vitamins work to neutralize the free radicals in the skin. Free radicals damage the skin and cause wrinkles, lines, hyperpigmentation, and dehydration. This occurs when the free radicals take an electron away from atoms. The atoms then try to make themselves whole again and damage the skin by searching for the missing electron deep into the skin’s layers. Don’t worry, no student loan debt on this chemistry lesson.

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Vitamins have antioxidants, and those are the compounds that fight the free radicals. An anti-aging cream that has vitamin A, C, or E will restore moisture, fight hyperpigmentation, and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin A is also found in Retinol, a highly common and effective ingredient in skincare.

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Beta-Glucan: this compound is primarily found in the cell walls of oat kernels, commonly listed as oat kernel extract. Beta-glucan is an antioxidant that works like vitamins, neutralizing free radicals in the skin that are causing damage. Beta-glucan is not a widely used ingredient, but many companies are beginning to understand its benefits. The healing properties of beta-glucan leave skin with a vibrant glow.

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Aloe: aloe is a versatile ingredient and it’s used in several skincare products. Aloe is well-known for its skin benefits. It heals burns, abrasions, moisturizes the skin, improves wrinkles/fine lines, fights collagen breakdown, and provides a youthful glow. Aloe is packed full of phytonutrients and natural chemicals with healing properties.

Caffeine: this may sound odd, but caffeine is another antioxidant that fights free radicals in the skin. No, scientists are not pouring their morning brew into bottles of anti-aging cream. Caffeine is an organic compound that’s popular in skin care. As an anti-aging ingredient, caffeine helps repair cell damage, is anti-inflammatory, and reduces fine lines. When working alongside other compounds, caffeine is an effective ingredient in anti-aging creams.

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Other Natural Extracts: there’s a neverending list of natural extracts that are used cosmetically. Some of the most common in anti-aging creams are tea extracts (green, black, etc.), grape seed extract, seaweed extract, and pomegranate extract. Most extracts are powerful antioxidants that improve the skin’s overall health. Most have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, brightening the skin as well.

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Extra Tips for Aging Skin

Lifestyle plays a huge role in our overall health, and it can wreak havoc on the skin. Along with a great anti-aging cream, it is important to take other steps to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Maintaining a youthful and fresh look isn’t just a skin care routine adjustment but can be a lifestyle adjustment as well.


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Sun damage, as previously mentioned, is a huge cause of wrinkles. Sunscreen, or a moisturizer with sunscreen in it, should be used whenever you are outside. It’s recommended to even wear it during the winter months. UVA rays are known to cause premature aging and more importantly, cancer. On the topic of harmful rays, if you use a tanning bed, it would be a smart idea to stop using it as it deepens wrinkles and also causes premature aging.


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Maybe you enjoy an occasional cigar now-and-then, but if you’re a habitual smoker, then you’re accelerating the aging process. Smoking can cause more wrinkles and can deepen them, making you look much older than what you are. It also causes yellowing of the skin and makes it feel courser. This is true for young adults and teens as well depending on how long they’ve been smoking.

Balanced Diet

Taking care of skin isn’t just an external affair. What you put into your body matters too. A lot of the powerful antioxidants that are found in anti-aging cream are found in what we consume as well. Making sure you eat a balanced diet complete with fresh fruit and vegetables will not only improve other areas of your health but will benefit your skin as well.

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A part of a balanced diet is water consumption. Aging skin naturally becomes thinner and more dried out. Drinking enough water each day helps keep skin hydrated and brighter.

Finding the Best Anti-Aging Cream

The best face cream for anti-aging will include some or all of the proven anti-aging compounds mentioned above. Searching for an effective face cream can be a difficult feat but checking the label will definitely help sort out the not-so-great products to make the search easier.

To learn more about anti-aging cream, check out our Anti-Aging 2 Step System.

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