Cave Men to Metro Man - A MODRN MAN Perspective

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Cave Men to Metro Man - A MODRN MAN Perspective

Up to now a man’s morning grooming routine grouping has been binary. Men would fall into one of two categories:

  • Cave Man: Someone who “checked the box” in the morning and relished keeping with tradition.
  • Metro Man: Someone who took the grooming routine to new heights, using multiple products, taking hours a week and making sure everything was perfectly done.

The Cave Man Explained...

The Cave Man can trace his roots back the first form of humans, who like today’s primates would pick bugs out of their fur and eat them for snacks. The early cave man spent his time sleeping, being an alpha male and bragging to his buddies about how bad he smelled. In today’s society, this behavior has morphed into being man who holds onto tradition as a badge of honor, but not necessarily correctly.

The Cave Man uses the same soap on his face that he uses on his butt, sanitary conditions be damned. If he shaves he uses traditional cream or foam, that has no added benefits other than allowing the removal of hair from his face. Some Cave Men may dabble in post shave treatments, like an alcohol based after shave, or maybe a basic lotion. His routine is based on speed and tradition to fulfill the minimal requirements.

The cycle leads the Cave Man to overcompensate in other ways to attract a mate. He assumes that his face is good enough, and is forced to spend more time and money on clothing, workouts, cars and houses. What he doesn’t understand, is with no more effort he could make his face look better and be healthier. His newly attractive face, would allow him to cut back on the spending in other parts of his life, so he could take those ____ he’s always wanted.

The Metro Man Explained...

On the other end of the spectrum is the Metro Man. The Metro Man has made his grooming routine a major part of his life. He spends hours primping and prepping his face. His medicine cabinet looks like the isles of Sephora, with only a slightly less feminine smell. The Metro Man is a recent addition to the evolutionary cycle, he has risen to prominence in the past 30 years across the globe. In the U.S. he is still a rare breed, but common enough that everyone knows at least one.

The Metro Man can be identified by his amazingly smooth skin, freshly cut hair, and soft hands. His quiver of seemingly random skin care and grooming products come together to create an intense routine that most woman would shiver at. He uses washes, cleansers, masks, serums, creams, and anything else he saw in the last GQ.

The Metro Man’s habits tend to play well with the ladies, especially those who appreciate beauty and are looking for the perfect face to add to her Instagram feed full of duck lipped selfies. This boy toy persona may make it in the front door, but one a woman realizes she spends less time in the bathroom that her new boyfriend, the façade starts to fall apart.

Introducing The MODRN MAN

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look your best, have great skin and only put forth minimal effort? We think it would be awesome! That’s why we’ve created an entirely new category, the MODRN MAN. A MODRN MAN values his time and money, he wants to look his best and be healthy, he isn’t overly macho or strangely feminine. He is smart about what he buys and understands quality, he values efficiency.

Whatever type of man you are today, there’s time to be the MODRN MAN of tomorrow with our revolutionary men's skin care products.

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