Ingredients in the Best Men’s Face Cream for Anti-Aging That Work Like Magic

Ingredients in the Best Men’s Face Cream for Anti-Aging That Work Like Magic

Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin… we all have different skin types. However, lines and wrinkles chase us all for years and, before we know it,catch up with us. Even though we know that the inevitable will take over one day, there is nothing wrong with trying to prevent aging for as long as possible. Nowadays, the skin care market is flooded with anti-aging products for men.So how do you know what will actually work? Though there is no absolute miracle anti-aging serum, face moisturizer, eye cream, or other serum, we have identified the ingredients in the best anti-aging creams for men and have explained exactly how they work.

Aloe Vera

Traditionally, aloe vera was used for sunburn due to its soothing nature. This jelly-like substance that's extracted from the leaves of the aloe plant is extremely beneficial for the skin. More recent studies have indicated that aloe vera as a moisturizer is also good for combating wrinkles and delaying the signs of aging to retain that younger-looking skin for longer. Generally, as we age, our skin loses elasticity which causes sagging; however, aloe vera has been proven to tighten loose skin by increasing its elasticity. On top of all that, aloe vera has a reputation for its regeneration abilities helping to repair damaged skin. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which works to reverse the damage of the sun. As you may know, unprotected exposure to the sun causes our skin to age prematurely, and the last thing we want is to have that leathery complexion. The high levels of essential nutrients contained in aloe vera absorb into the skin rapidly once applied. This means that it gets to work quickly providing relief, nourishment, and moisture. The extracts of this versatile plant are used widely in the skin care industry due to its potent healing abilities.

Green Tea Extract

Where do we even begin? Green tea is an incredible antioxidant and is crammed with essential nutrients. The signature drink of Asia has been around for centuries and has been used for its health benefits for just as long. As well as green tea being beneficial for us internally, it is also highly effective for improving the health of our skin. Again, like aloe, green tea extract is widely used in modern-day cosmetics. When green tea extract is used in skin care products, it can significantly slow down aging. It contains the catech in EGCG which has the incredible capability of bringing dying skin cells back to life. On top of green tea’s wrinkle-reducing profile, it can also help to reduce inflammation, acne, and excessive oil production. To go that extra mile, you could always introduce drinking green tea into your daily dietary routine if you don't already. Research has shown that drinking at least two cups of green tea a day will help to speed up your metabolism. It might not be everyone's cup of tea (pun intended), but there's no denying the multitude of benefits that it has on your body both inside and out.

Beta Glucan

Beta Glucan

Beta glucan is arguably the lesser talked about the anti-wrinkle ingredient. Yet another highly powerful natural extract that generally comes from specific fungi and yeast. Like all the others mentioned so far, beta glucan is not just good for your skin but also for your body internally. Aside from its anti-aging DNA, which we will talk about in a moment, beta glucan is also compelling as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. For years, beta glucan has been used to heighten a person's immune system helping to fight and protect against illnesses. Although beta-glucan has been known about for centuries, it has only recently started being used in skin care products. This is mostly due to the lack of research and the belief that beta-glucan wasn't able to penetrate the skin efficiently. When recent studies were performed, they discovered that beta-glucan could not only penetrate the skin but that it is actually effective at reducing wrinkles. According to the results from the study, consumers should expect to see a difference within 10 days depending on the level of beta-glucan that is contained in a product. Even more talents of this magical ingredient include speeding up the healing process, treating skin disorders, scar reduction, and to correct any discoloration.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is probably the most known about ingredient for anti-aging. Many major skincare brands include vitamin E in their recipes. This nutrient is also considered an antioxidant and is especially recognized for its skin repairing properties. One cause of aging is free radicals which end up damaging the collagen, causing the skin to produce fine lines and wrinkles. Due to vitamin E having an antioxidant status it is able to neutralize the free radicals allowing the skin's collagen production to continue. Unfortunately, our bodies do not produce vitamin E, which means we have to rely on our diet in order to obtain it. When it comes to our skin and wrinkles, we rely on our products to deliver sufficient amounts of vitamin E.

Are These Ingredients not in all Anti-Wrinkle Products?

The cosmetic industry as a very cut-throat sector and people are out for themselves. From a business growth and longevity point of view, producing a product with a lot of powerful anti-aging ingredients would not be very good for business. Of course, they can't have a product that does nothing, but if they create a product that is almost perfect, then sales and demand would drop. Why would someone need an anti-aging cream if they no longer have fine lines or wrinkles?

Our Modern Man anti-aging moisturizer contains all of the anti-aging ingredients mentioned above, plus more. It also contains SPF 30 for sun protection. By this point, some of you might be thinking, why would we create a product with so many of these magical ingredients if it's so bad for business? Well, the answer to that is simple: because of our mission. We believe in creating products with natural ingredients as opposed to harmful chemicals so that men everywhere can get the best skin care possible. We intend to make a difference in the industry and will continue to make men's skin care as simple and effective as possible.

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