Men Use Skin Care, They Just Don’t Want To Admit It…

Posted by Scott Marchand on
Men Use Skin Care, They Just Don’t Want To Admit It…

Men in the U.S. have long shied away from talking about their health, let alone their skin care routine. It’s not surprising that my grandfather and I had way more conversations about baseball than we did about moisturizer. But, nowadays, between drinks and cigars, my friends and I have chatted about sunscreen and wrinkles. The data says we’re not alone either as 79% of Millennial men in the U.S. use a dedicated facial skin care on a regular basis, according to Mintel.


We still don’t know what the hell we’re talking about, though. Only 32% of U.S. men know their skin type, according to Euromonitor - but at least we’re talking. The conversations are straight forward and centered around best practices. I doubt any of us are on our way to a Patrick Bateman morning routine, or late night vices, because speed, convenience, and not being a psychopath are still good rules to live by.  Most guys just want to look their best and still get out of the bathroom in under 5 minutes. At least for skin care anyway...


These conversations, studies, and lack of answers are what led me to co-found MODRN MAN. After a year of research, testing and development, we’re finally delivering our 2 Step Systems to men everywhere. After all, 2 steps are all any guy needs to look his best.



Men and skincare in the U.S.

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