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Your skin renews itself about every 28 days, which means that in order to see the full benefit of our great men's skin care and grooming products, you’ll want to use them for the same amount of time. Which is why if you are not happy with the results, even if you’ve used the entire bottle, we’ll refund your purchase up to 30 days from your purchase.

Yes, send back full or used bottles 30 days or less from the purchase date and we’ll refund your purchase. You just pay for shipping.

Please contact us at 619-736-1298 and we’ll help process the return.


Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Amazon Pay, and most major credit cards.

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You get 5% off your Subscribe & Save order, every time! If you sign up to Subscribe & Save for a full 2 Step System, you will also receive Free shipping.

Yes, there are no long term obligations to the Subscribe & Save program.

Yes, we have packaged our men's skincare products to be used in 30 days, but if you use less or skip a few days you may want to spread out the order to 45 or 60 days.


Never have, never will. We did all of our research and development with a group of men that have various skin concerns, types, colors and ages over multiple months.

We have selected natural ingredients when possible to create very clean, safe and effective formulas. Any non-natural ingredients we use are the safest and most effective around.

Yes. While we have not gone through the certification process by PETA, our products meet all the standards they have created.

Yes, all of our products have gone through an array of testing to ensure their safety and quality. All of our Step 2 products have gone through and passed FDA required testing, along with our Acne Treatment Step 1, as they are considered over the counter drugs.

Some do and some don’t. Our Anti-Aging System and Acne System have hints of added fragrances to provide a fresh and clean scent after use. None of our scents contain any parabens. Our Sensitive Skin line is completely Fragrance Free.

Right here in the good ole USA. Our products are mixed and filled in an FDA monitored facility in Chino Hills, CA.

At this time the EWG has not rated any of products. However, none of the ingredients contained in any of our products are considered to be high hazard.


All products are designed for daily use and should be used at least one per day, even if you don’t shave or plan on being outside. For better results, Step 1 should also be used as a face wash just before going to bed.

We don’t want your face to look greasy or smell like sunscreen either. We’ve engineered our products to not leave that greasy feel or look after you’ve applied them. Additionally, our Anti Aging and Acne lines both have a slight scent to keep you smelling fresh, while our Sensitive Skin line is fragrance free it doesn’t have that beach/sunscreen smell either.

Step 1 – Using about a half-dollar sized dab into your finger tips should do the trick to get full coverage of your face and neck, with enough light lather for a great shave. Using less may not provide full coverage or a thick enough layer for smooth razor glide, while using more would be a shame to waste such quality product.

Step 2 – Using a quarter sized dab into your hands and then spreading over your entire face, neck, ears and back of your neck will provide complete coverage from the sun. For some it may be too much and produce slight “ghost” white on your skin. If this occurs you can rub the excess onto other exposed body parts, and then continue to rub into your face until completely absorbed. In order to get sun protection it is not recommended to drop below a dime sized dab.

Yes, the sun’s rays can still cause damage, pre-mature aging through clouds and even through windows. Even if you don’t plan to be in the sun for more than a few minutes the American Academy of Dermatology recommends using an SPF 30+ daily.

This question has confounded humans for decades. You’re not alone only 32% report to knowing their skin type. The good news is that we designed our systems knowing that guys need help when selecting products AND they are problem solvers. So all you need to know is, what problem/skin concern are you trying to solve?

  • No major skin issues, or sensitivity = Anti-Aging System
  • Starting to look a little older and want to fight back = Anti-Aging System
  • Look you and want to keep it that way = Anti-Aging System
  • Have sensitivity to a lot of products = Sensitive Skin System
  • Suffer from redness and irritation on a regular basis = Sensitive Skin System
  • Want a fragrance free, physical sunscreen = Sensitive Skin System
  • Suffer from acne breakouts = Acne System
  • Have a shiny, oil feel to your skin = Acne System
  • Regularly get razor bumps and ingrown hairs when shaving = Acne System

We all know that grooming has moved past the face, and our products are able to handle the rest of your body too. The good news is that your face has the most temperamental skin on your body, so our products are gentle enough to use anywhere else.

Even if you have a beard, or you don't shave regularly, you should strive for clean and healthy skin. Our Step 1 is a targeted face wash, that happens to be great for shaving. Even if you don't shave, you'll benefit.


We've engineered our products specifically for men. Other brands say this, but they stopped at understanding that men having thicker, oilier, and more temperamental skin than women. We took all that into account and developed MODRN MAN around how men actually use products in their daily routine. With us, your routine won't change, it just gets better. 3 minutes a day is all you need.

That was the perception years ago, but it’s perfectly acceptable to use skin care products these days. Almost 80% of Millennial Men in the US use type of dedicated facial skin care product. Taking care of your skin and caring how you look doesn’t have to be a bad thing for guys anymore.

That’s the beauty, pun intended, of our innovative 2 Step Skin Care & Grooming System. In only 3 minutes a day, you’ll be looking your best in no time. Since it takes 28 days for skin to fully renew, you’ll start to feel a difference in a few days, but will see the full benefits after about a month of regular use.

To sound a bit self-serving, yes. We want to keep you looking good and your face healthy. We’re not talking about hundreds of dollars a month and hours a day either. Using our Anti-Aging System is your best weapon to fight father time.


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