Returns and Refund Policy:  Returns and refunds of products purchased through the website are governed by the following Returns & Refunds policy:

  • Please do not return any product to us without first obtaining a return identification number from MODRN MAN. Please note that any packages marked "refused" or "Return to sender" will not be processed as a refund. You must obtain a return identification number first.
  • If you do not receive your shipment within five working days from the date you placed your order, please contact us immediately so we can address the situation appropriately. All products must be returned to the below address:


Return Address:

Customer Service
Attention: MODRN MAN Returns
3525 Del Mar Heights Rd, #1068

San Diego, CA 92130


  • We refund all cases of fraud and unauthorized transactions inclusive of all shipping and handling charges. Additional refunds are issued at the discretion of the company.
  • We reserve the right to replace any damaged products in lieu of refunding them at our sole discretion.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a refund to any customer who repeatedly requests refunds or who, in our judgment, requests refunds in bad faith.
  • In order to request a refund, you must contact our Customer Service Department. If a refund is warranted, you will be provided with a return identification number and instructions on how to proceed.
  • Once a return identification has been issued to you, you will automatically receive a return identification email confirmation and authorization.
  • In order for your refund to be processed, you must include your return identification number written on the outside of your shipment in large and legible print.
  • We must receive the remaining product back to our fulfillment facility in good condition, and once it is received and the return identification number logged into our systems, a refund will automatically be processed and you will receive an email confirmation that your refund has been processed. Please note that depending on the bank that issued the credit card, a refund can take up to five days to appear on your credit card statement.
  • Products returned to us within 30 days after the initial purchase may be eligible for a full money back guarantee, whether or not you have opened and used the products.
  • Products returned to us more than 30 days after the initial purchase may be eligible for an exchange of store credit in an amount to be determined at our sole discretion, provided that such products remain unopened and unused.
  • Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.
  • You are responsible for any costs incurred to package and safely return the product to our fulfillment facility.

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